Leather Sofa Miami

Leather Sofa Miami If you’re looking for that perfect leather sofa for that spot in your living area, shop Italian and European designers and manufacturers at Internum Design. You’re going to love the Lena Paolo Piva Whitman collection of sectional sofas, available in a great selection of styles and colors. Give your guests something to talk about! Shop internum.com.

Manual Retractable Awnings Miami

In the hot Miami weather, not having protective shade can make a pool or patio completely unusable. There are times though, when you want to let the sun in. That’s where manual retractable awnings from Best Awnings in Miami come in. Retractable awnings are sloped to allow moisture to run off and leaves to fall off and come in custom lengths to suit your purposes. Visit bestawningsmiami.com to view their entire line of awnings.   Best Awnings Miami

Acrylic Furniture

Muniz Plastics Inc.
Shopping for furniture? You’re going to love the amazing acrylic furniture available from Muniz Plastics. Don’t let the name fool you, acrylic is anything but ordinary plastic. Stylish and sleek acrylic furniture can transform the look of any room from plain to spectacular. Browse the complete inventory on the Muniz Plastics website.