Modern Furniture Miami

Modern Furniture Miami

Internum Designers is a proud supplier of modern furniture to Miami homeowners who are looking for exceptional furniture that will provide both beauty and function to their living spaces. 


Internum’s Arflex line of cool and sophisticated modern furniture is ideal for any Miami decor. Their Bonsai collection of seating systems is inspired by reflections that represent Japanese aesthetics and culture. The seats are characterized by soft, curved forms. These inviting, friendly shapes are reminiscent of the bushes and shrubs, found in gardens all over Japan, that have been cultivated and trimmed in order to create beautiful soft, ‘organic’, cloud-like shapes. In stark contrast, rectilinear wooden platforms supported on low, wooden legs elevate these rounded, upholstered forms above the floor plane. 


We guarantee you’ve never seen anything like the Arflex collection of modern furniture that is available at Internum Design. Your Miami home will be greatly enhanced by their products, and your guests will be anything but bored when they see your unique furniture collection.


Arflex’s Bobo collection uses stress-resistant, differentiated density polyurethane foam for its seating base, without an internal rigid frame, and offers enormous comfort to your home living space. 


If you love to entertain, Arflex’s Ben Ben line offers you and your guests a unique opportunity to visit in style. Their ben Ben sofa with its classical shape is the most lovable sofa in Arflex’s history; it enters home and into the community spaces and with the new curved lines satisfies every requires. From the warmth of the family nest to the invitation to cross the eyes and the words in the meetings.


EmmeBi’s fine Italian modern furniture will give your Miami rooms something to cheer for. A customer favorite, Their Flipper bed series features a bed for the one who likes a piece of furniture that is able to change its shape. Headboards and back panels are able to be covered with leather or fabric, and can slide along the bed’s frame to offer different combinations. A single or double bed can easily be transformed into a sofa. We have the feeling you’re going to love the Flipper at first glance. 

If you like the look of an upholstered bed, you’re going to really appreciate EmmeBi’s Bon Ton by designer Antonella Frezza. Available in different dimensions and covered with leather or with completely removable fabric, the Bon Ton is elegant and functional, with head rolls that offer the look of exceptional modern furniture for Miami decor. The Bon Ton is available with raisable wooden slatted basement and container, with feet in satin medal.


For whatever contemporary look you’re going for, Internum Design has the modern furniture Miami customers are searching for to complete their design projects- from living spaces to bedrooms that are sure to make you feel well at home. 


Take a look at Internum Design online at, where you’ll find the best selection of European manufacturers and designers who have put together the perfect pieces for your home. Give your guests a reason to stop by- and a reason to stay a while.

Modern Furniture Miami
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Modern Furniture Miami Modern Furniture Miami